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4 reasons there are only two development choices

Two choices the right one and the wrong one . Unfortunately, 99% of the start up companies I have worked for made the wrong choice. Some of them spent good development time trying to invent and create a third choice. Which is why I don't work for them, or they don't exist any longer.

The 4 reasons this happened:

1.They never got to the point of bringing a product to market.

2. The product they brought to market was a bust because it was not a good representation of the idea that would have made them a great niche company.

3. They never had a product in such a stage of development that investors would consider them.

4. The product just did not work as promised or advertised.

Actually there is a fifth reason. At some point during development they ran out of money. While chasing a third choice they found themselves with a company and product that was doing nothing. The company was not bringing in investors or income because the product was never something they could present or sell.

I believe in doing things the "like this" way so much that I use it to write my blog posts. I wrote this post by first getting the idea about how to use the graphic I saw for a pulse post. I then uploaded the image and wrote some text about how it pertained to me and my experience. I then spent some time reading the post. After reading the post several times I came up with what was missing and updated it about six times to make it better.

I always made sure that each update was something that had meaning and was insightful. It also had to contain information about my experience with Start up companies. At all stages it was a completely readable and informative post. Not great at all stages but something a developer could take to heart and enjoy. In the last versions one of which you are now reading I looked for typos and did some duplicate word and grammar editing.

This is the final marketed product, hope you enjoyed it. I also hope that you use it to make your next meeting using agile and scrum better.

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