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When your Surname is McDade

History of the Name

This interesting name is of medieval Irish origin and is the Anglicization of the Gaelic 'MacDaibheid', mac denoting 'son of' David, and is also found as MacDevitt, MacDavitt and Davison, but in its homeland, Donegal and Derry, it is generally in the form of MacDaid or MadDade.

Developers Don't Say Don't Re-invent the Wheel

Interesting that your opinion is that no one could ever do better than those that have come before them. The only thing worse is a belief that one can only do well or better as part of a pre-existing community or popular group.

4 reasons there are only two development choices

Two choices the right one and the wrong one . Unfortunately, 99% of the start up companies I have worked for made the wrong choice. Some of them spent good development time trying to invent and create a third choice. Which is why I don't work for them, or they don't exist any longer.

Drupal vs. CCK Compared CCK is just better!! because it's not "Fast Food"

This is an ongoing list of things that are different in CCK and Drupal 5 to 7. Basically everyting that I hated about Drupal 5 whenI first started an everything that I dislike about Drupal as a code base and the ideas that I dislike that have been implemented using procedural code. I have done these things in OOP using the native functionality of PHP.

How to Login in as SSH root user from WinSCP to AWS

When dealing with Amazon Web Services using the command line for accessing the file system to configure the server using Putty is OK. But what if you need a visual interface for handling multiple tasks and projects? This is when WinSCP will make your dev life easier. But AWS and WinSCP do not get along by default. Most tutorials will lead to adjusting the sudoers file but does not work because WinSCP continues to throw a ssh command that AWS does not understand and will give a bash error. Here are some quick steps to using WinSCP after you have successfully connected using Putty.

How to Use Zend Framework 2 Forms in Another Script (Factory)

Here's the same stand-alone form class for Zend Framework 2. I am posting this script as-is from the Content Connection Kit so you'll need to modify it to remove errors of omission. The demo url is http://fhqk.com/cck/?zftest/zfform_factory.

Be aware that I have found that ZF2's take-over of session handling means that any use of session_start() in the container script will cause ZF2 to fail with fatal error. This means that the use of session_start() for other frameworks or class libraries like PFBC running in the same scope will block ZF2 from loading. Because of things like this incompatibility with other systems like Drupal 7.x< 8.x and Symfony2 can be expected. You can work around the problem of ZF2 sessions by avoiding the use of captcha and other functionality that is dependant on sessions. But if anyone knows of a way to disable/override ZF2 session handling completely please speak up!

How to Use Zend Framework 2 Forms in Another Script

I have been going back and forth on Zend Framework 2. First it helps me by providing some really robust code. The flip side of the coin is ZF2 makes me crazy because it's always explained terribly by classically educated computer scientist. Given that me and much of the PHP community are autodidacts this is a turn-off.

I always can tell how useful a PHP framework is by trying to do what I learned first in PHP, building a HTML form. Not one post or tutorial I could find gave a straight forward answer a to how things worked. What was worse no one gave working code for using ZF2 as a library used by another simple PH script. Trying to get this done simply and without Zends MVC in place seemed to be unattainable. This meant that ZF2 was not something I would use at first thought. That has changed now that I have this code working. This is a complete stand-alone class use of the Zend framework and only needs to be called.