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Drupal vs. CCK Compared CCK is just better!! because it's not "Fast Food"

This is an ongoing list of things that are different in CCK and Drupal 5 to 7. Basically everyting that I hated about Drupal 5 whenI first started an everything that I dislike about Drupal as a code base and the ideas that I dislike that have been implemented using procedural code. I have done these things in OOP using the native functionality of PHP.

Firstly, PHP frameworks and systems have become the fast food of the web. Just like fast food they're becoming the source of unhealthy websites and expensive adding to the heath care costs of businesses and NGO's running websites.

CCK uses Classes and namespaces in an extremely simple architecture to leverage the OOP parts of PHP to create modules, templating is done using PHP not another framework like smarty or twig. So learning PHP OOP means that you have already learned CCK. A developer need only open the directory containing the CCK files to learn the basic architecture that is used in CCK and they will almost instantly know how things work and how to modify anything and everything. There Is no need to learn to study hundreds of pages of documentation about,Drupal, Symphony 2 or have any knowledge of intricate paradigms used in these structures.

To make the argument for CCK over Drupal here's a list of things you can research. yourself



And hundreds of other functions. These are stupid and nolonger needed in today's PHP OOP world.


Since modules are simple namespaced classes built using PHP's native OOP http://www.php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.php


CCK uses all the basic things that made Drupal popular 10 years ago, understandable code and ease of modification and does them using simple OOP structures that can be understood at a glance. If you read the PHP documentation which you should do if you want to be a good php programmer, then you already will know what you need to know about anything in CCK.

Why am I doing this? Frankly because I think that any dedicated self-taught PHP coder can build a CMS that is better than Drupal.

They only need some guidance and a little spring board to get started. CCK is this jump start.

I believe that the internet and the profession of being a website developer is being polluted by overly complicated systems like Drupal, Symphony and others that advertise ease and convenience. Just like fast food restaurants are polluting our bodies. I want to show that your business can live without fast food code.
I guess I want to be like the Jamie Oliver of websites. and show that lean nutritious code can be had at an affordable price without all the fat, additives or learning about expensive machines and cooking utensils. You just have to gain a little knowledge about cooking.

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