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Developers Don't Say Don't Re-invent the Wheel

Interesting that your opinion is that no one could ever do better than those that have come before them. The only thing worse is a belief that one can only do well or better as part of a pre-existing community or popular group.

Once you remove the above myths from any argument it's hard to say why anyone should not build their own framework or library. They should also use it in production.

Because you can't invent the wheel again once it's been done. But you can make a better wheel.

One of the reasons I re-invent is that I am never satisfied with someone else's  solution to a problem. It can always be made better, easier to maintain, have more longevity through iteration.  It can also be made poorer, harder to maintain and become useless through the same iterations. Why would I entrust that to someone without questioning them on their development decisions? 

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