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Drupal.se - 2010/02/01

Well it's been a week or more now since I announced that I would be building up Drupal.se as a community. Again there have been very disappointing results in a showing of interest in creating a community.

So I will start today with the wireframing of Drupal.se on my own. I am going to be running the site with Drupal 7 on Yaws webserver, Postgresql and of course the pre-requisite PHP. I am a big fan of wireframing and so I will be using the Zen CSS Wireframing theme.

This might take a bit longer but what the hell. I have time and since there is very little interest in participation collectively, I can make these decisions without feeling like I have disregarded the interests of the community.

The blog for the site will be this blog until further notice. So any suggestions or interactions should be posted here. This is to prevent any loss of information during the build up.

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