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Zotonic getting better!

While I was reading up on websockets and looking at the Yaws implementation I noticed that the latest release of Zotonic CMS has a new unique feature. Websockets is activated where there is a websocket supported browser ( Google Chrome ) or it defaults to Comet.

A new default site

The default site of a vanilla Zotonic install is now modelled after a simple blog-style website, complete with an archive section, keywords, navigation to previous and next posts, atom feeds and comments.
Speed improvements

The Webmachine code was restructured to be more lean-and-mean, yielding up to 20% more performance on page requests.
WebSockets support

When WebSockets is available in the browser, then it is used as a replacement for the Comet long poll. Currently only Google Chrome supports this feature but it is expected to arrive in other browsers soon.
Admin updates

Support for editing a location (Google map picker), a new collection type "query" was added for creating "saved searches".
EUnit support

A start has been made to put the core functionality of Zotonic in unit tests using the EUnit testing framework. As of yet, only a small fraction of the code has been covered, but we'll keep working on increasing the code coverage of the tests.

Good stuff and its coming quickly!

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