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Beginning PHP: What is MVC?

MVC (model=logic, view=output, controller=input) is one of the most popular patterns in PHP but it is not necessary. If you are using procedural techniques which most beginners do then MVC is not something you want to use at the moment. 

The order of learning that is best is procedural coding, object oriented programming and then patterns. If you are coming from java this can be changed a bit because java forces OOP. So continue to use OOP in PHP and then learn the PHP style of patterns. 

The one thing that beginners seem to never do is read. PHP is so easy to learn so the ritual of reading before doing is dropped. Try downloading a PHP manual (recommend chm version for protability ) in your mother tongue and at least scan over the examples and comments in it. The area you want to concentrate most on is architecture. Using procedural code without an understandable architecture (can be MVC style but is not a requirement) is called spagetti code, something all good programmers try to avoid.

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