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It took part of the day and some finessing but I finally have a Linux laptop up and runnning on Linux. I started with Linux Mint 8 and changed to xfce because Gnome was too resource hungry for the old IBM thinkpad. The wireless card was recongnized which is what I mostly wanted from Linux Mint. For some reason it is the only linux distro that does this without a lot of hacking.

The machine only has 256mb of ram but with xfce the system is using only 180mb. This makes for some decent speed for a web dev machine. The lastest Linux Mint also has Erlang R13B03 with all the goodies installed by default. This was a time saver. Yaws 1.8.2 is also in the repository and installing it give a working web server using Ubuntus particular flavor of file handling and configuration. What's nice also is that the install is not filled with all the example files in the default localhost directory.

So now I am another step closer to doing some Erlang hacking.

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