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Drupal developer available in Stockholm

I will be available for new projects starting from this week. I am looking for short or long term employment in the Stockholm area. You can read my cv but here's a more useful breakdown on my experience as a Drupal developer. I am not looking to become a business or a consultancy, merely an employee. So if you are looking for someone with:

  1. Over 5 years experience in the development and implementation of large, high traffic websites using content management systems. Experienced mostly with collaborative websites, or social networking sites.
  2. 5 years experience as a PHP Programmer, solid professional experience in the use of Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ajax, and MySQL databases. 5 years experience in Drupal development.
  3. Demonstrable experience in full lifecycle website development using Drupal

    with Significant experience with Drupal 5.x and Drupal 6.x.
  4. Experience independently developing, or working with designers, to create custom themes that support the unique needs of different projects.
  5. Full knowledge of the Drupal architecture and the availability of modules that allow the building of Drupal powered websites. Experienced in designing and implementing medium to large scale with as little coding as possible using Drupal.
  6. Ability to communicate technical knowledge to technical and non-technical audiences.
  7. Experienced in international development or i18n with multi-site configurations and content migration from proprietary content management systems.
  8. American Citizen authorized to work in the US.
  9. Permanent resident with authorization to work in Sweden.
  10. PHP programmer proficient with:

    • Drupal
    • Wordpress

    • Joomla

  11. PHP Frameworks:

    • Codeignighter
    • Symfony
    • Yii

  12. PHP Programming:

    • OOP
    • Design patterns
    • MVC
    • ORM
    • YAML
    • AJAX

  13. Databases:

    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft SQL Server

  14. New interests:

    The development of scalable, high performance web solutions using concurrent programming in Erlang, Yaws webserver, Zotonic CMS. Schemaless databases based on the Erlang programming language ie. CouchDB and Simple DB.

I am your guy!


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  2. I am the development manager at Klarna. We are looking for talented developers. Please email me your contact details.