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Life man

My existence was one of nonsense. I did not understand the times, the politics, the kultur, the people. I had only my uncertain thoughts of the past and no promises of a future. The only thing that I could be sure of was a future. The future was something that I could trust and believe in. Each moment that I lived was the future. It was there, tangible and seemingly without end.

Thoughts of a future that would end filled me with dread as I knew this could be only be more nonsense, death. Death was a fathomless abyss that had no shape or form. But death was fear and fear was very real. The body shakes the mind wanders there is no shelter from fear. Fear can only be hidden by the time it takes to enjoy the future. So I took to the cause of living each moment of the future and lived. I lived each moment to the next never letting in the fear. Time passed and I never noticed while caught in the moment. This was not nonsense, it was life.

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