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Where to find PHP extensions for Windows?

Windows.php.net is the place where you should be able to find what is need for running PHP on a Windows family operative system.  This is where the pre-compiled binaries can be download. The problem is that this site even after years has never been finished. It also goes down frequently without cause.

So what do you do if you don't want to compile your own extensions? Well, some of the more popular can be found here. The list is on a seperate domain ( uses the php.net root domain and maybe even servers )  than windows.php.net. so it does not go down with it.

I put some critical libraries up on Gdrive because of this down time. Sometimes just when I don't have access to already downloaded files and need them, the site is down. So here's a link to the PHP-SDK and other tools or sources needed to compile PHP on Windows 7.


The extensions in pre - compiled binary format (*.dll):


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