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Owncloud stuff: 1) login screen

Own cloud stuff:

I have a problem with my user_saml app. 

The problem:  
I used some javascript code on my apps/user_saml/js to override the view where the login form appear in order to print an URL to my SAML login.

In the past it worked, but now something changed on OwnCloud and now this js code is not loaded until the user tries to log with some credentials.
Seems like the app modules aren't loaded in the main view that shows the login form until the user have interacted with the system.

Is there an easy solution?   I have not idea about how the new version of OwnCloud works and sure that someone can help me to fix the user_saml app.


Ok I found that in order to load the app at the begginning, It is required to set the app as 'prelogin''s type
(At appinfo/info.xml   put on the '' value,  then the app will be loaded at the beginning).

Also I made a workarround to fix the problem that I'm not allowed to load apps/user_saml/auth.php

I load ?app=user_saml

And in the appinfo/app.php  I check if exists a $_GET['app'] = 'user_saml' and them execute the logic of the auth.php

But I'm still waiting for a solution of how enable views directly loaded at the browser.

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