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Drupal.se 2009-02-04

Spent a good amount of time talking to the Tax authorities today concerning Drupal.se as an association and as a hobby. The clarifications give good promise for a non-profit community site. According to the law there is nothing wrong with taking sponsorship advertisements as long as they are reported when reaching a certain level of income. These levels are fairly decent and will allow for Drupal.se to be self-sustaining at some point. There are also provisions for my out of pocket expenses. So I will be drawing up some specs for sponsor advertising and making provisions for donations to the Drupal Association if and when Drupal.se goes over the levels of income needed to sustain itself.

What this means is that the playing field for input to the community by business will be equal. There will be no need for a business to contribute things like web hosting which would give an unfair advantage to a single company.

I have also received some good ideas for Drupal.se from Linkedin and emails at Drupal.org. Some of them may take time to implement but they are not difficult otherwise.

I will not be attending the Drupal meeting in Gothenburg as it will take place during the work week. I am all for short work weeks but not when they start with a Monday.

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